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    ASP Windows is family owned and operated. We are local to Miami, and we are proud to say that we are members of the community. Living in Miami has many perks, but this area is vulnerable to natural disasters. Hurricane season comes once a year. Storms also threaten your windows and doors. As part of our dedication to you, we offer impact windows, impact doors, and impact glass.

    Impact Windows

    Impact Windows are not like regular windows. Normal windows are made from a type of glass that is prone to shattering. When a hurricane looms off of the coast, everyone is in a rush to run to the supply store to get plywood. Even if plywood is not sold out, placing the wood over your windows is a difficult and time-consuming process.

    impact windows

    ASP Windows is here to make it easy for you. Impact windows can weather almost any storm. They are built to withstand enormous pressure. Most of the damage that might occur to your house in a storm would happen due to a broken window. With impact windows, you can be totally confident that your home, your belongings, and your family will be totally safe.

    We remember when Hurricane Andrew ripped through South Florida in 1992. Impact windows can withstand the wind and debris that hurricanes bring. The glass we use is capable of surviving the force of a Category 5 hurricane. There are two layers of tempered glass with air trapped between. This makes the windows incredibly difficult to break. ASP Windows installs these windows to exacting standards. Not only can you be sure of your windows, you can be sure that our workers will do it right the first time.

    Impact Doors

    impact doors

    One of our favorite features of impact doors is how visually appealing they are. Impact doors let the light in. They can illuminate the entrance of your home or your business. Because they are bi-folding, they can open wide for comfortable access. Many doors can be customized to fit the overall look of your home.

    A hurricane, tornado or storm can damage your door, just like your window. Debris, such as tree branches or traffic signs, may fly at your home. You can be sure that you are protected with an impact door. This saves on the cost of protecting your door every hurricane season. Having impact doors can also raise the value of your home. In the red hot South Florida housing market, this could make a big difference.

    Impact doors go through rigorous testing to ensure that they are up to code. The kind of glass we use can withstand winds up to 390 mph. Florida has its own requirements for impact doors, but we go beyond that. We make sure that our customers receive excellent quality products.

    ASP Windows offers specialty glass doors. We provide a wide variety of designs, patterns, and collections for you to choose from. Your satisfaction is our bottom line.

    Impact Glass

    Impact glass can help protect the structural integrity of your home or business. For your home, impact glass can make your patio or balcony truly stunning. If you own a business, your storefront could use impact glass. Impact glass is known to be visually appealing.

    A business represents a massive investment. Using impact glass is one of the best ways to protect your investment. When a hurricane rips through Miami, many businesses face the possibility of catastrophic losses. If a massive hurricane were to hit, business owners run the risk of losing their inventory. In addition, a devastating hurricane will lead to significant costs when it comes to repair. Finally, business owners have to take account of lost business while they are not in operation. Impact glass mitigates these costs.

    impact glass

    ASP Windows is a local business. We understand what it is like to operate a company in Miami. When you consult with ASP Windows, you can be confident that you are going to have impact glass that is up to Florida code. Other companies might be satisfied with that, but we are not. ASP Windows goes above and beyond. Our impact glass is of the highest quality.

    We can place impact glass anywhere you need it. ASP Windows will take the time with you. This means that we listen to you, so we make sure that your business or home looks exactly the way you want it to. Impact glass is versatile. We can place the glass in a wide variety of surroundings, and it will still be durable enough to guarantee that it protects you.

    If you have any questions about impact windows, impact doors, or impact glass, contact us today.

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