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Hurricane Impact Protection For Your Home & Family

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    Impact Sliding Glass Doors Miami

    Hurricane Impact Protection For Your Home & Family

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    The Leading Professionals In Impact Windows And Doors In South Florida. Let Us Prove It To You!

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    ASP Windows & Doors has over 16 years of experience. Over 10,000 South Florida homes are protected by our installations.

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    We ensure every sliding patio door is measured and installed to your exact needs. We are committed to delivering excellence.

    How Our Impact Sliding Doors Protect You

    Need to protect your home? Try our impact sliding doors! Our impact doors are specifically designed for durability and security to protect your home from hurricanes and intruders. We also provide the right solution for commercial projects.

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    Impact Sliding Glass Doors From ASP

    Standard Versus High-Quality Sliding Glass Doors – Aluminum

    There are several important considerations when purchasing sliding glass patio doors for your home. Understanding the difference in quality with help a homeowner select the best option for them.

    The first important characteristic has to do with the hardware found in any particular door. Less expensive sliding door options will feature alloys in the rolling mechanisms found at the bottom of the door. Alloys rust easily which could make opening and closing doors difficult after a few years. This is particularly the case when the home is located close to the ocean.

    For this reason, higher quality coastal properties will use stainless steel hardware throughout the door to mitigate the damages caused by saltwater corrosion. Due to the added expense, doors with stainless steel rollers and locking mechanisms will cost more than sliding patio doors with alloys.

    Glass Options For Sliding Doors Miami

    Thickness: There are different glass thickness options as well as glass treatments available for sliding glass doors. For standard size glass panels, 7/16″ HS glass is the less expensive option found with basic products. A higher quality product or oversized panels will have 9/16″ SGP glass as standard.

    Insulation: In order to cool the home from the heat gain natural light brings, the glass can be insulated impact helping block the transfer of heat and help reduce noise transfer as well.

    Tinting: To further reduce heat gain and improve energy efficiency, a treatment like LoE 366 or a tint can be applied to the glass as well. Apart from the extra security sliding patio impact doors can provide, energy efficient improvements are an important benefit to consider when choosing the features of your sliding doors.

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    ES Windows Sliding Glass Door – Aluminum

    ES windows, one of the largest window companies in the world located in Colombia, has many different approvals for sliding glass doors with the most glass options available. Whether you need a basic product or a high-end one or you live in a condominium 100 floors up, they have a product for you.

    Their glass manufacturing company, Technoglass, is one of the first fabricators of laminated impact glass to supply the Florida market.

    Marvin Windows logo

    Marvin Sliding Glass Doors – Aluminum

    Marvin’s Costal Line of impact sliding doors are high quality with stainless steel components and thick extrusions. Their standard impact sliding glass door has 9/16″ SGP regardless of size.

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    ECO Sliding Glass Doors – Aluminum

    ECO makes a residential line of affordable impact sliding doors that are a great balance of value and quality. They fit most budgets and have their own glass fabrication facility They are now owned by PGT.

    CONTACT US NOW: 888-782-8342

    The Leading Professionals In Impact Windows And Doors In South Florida. Let Us Prove It To You!

    Sliding Glass Door Types

    There are several important variations of design for impact sliding doors. Below are some of the most important ones.

    Stackable Multi Panel Sliding Door – Up to Eight Panels!

    For some homes that have a patio opening that requires 3 to 5 panels, a possible solution is a stackable sliding door. This door configuration allows you to put all the panels to one side, giving a large opening with more uninterrupted views of the back yard.

    You can also have the doors split in the middle if they are 4 panels or more. In fact, this is a necessary configuration for most homes because stacking more than 3 panels to one side requires the header to be at least 12″ in width to accommodate the track.

    Equal split panel configurations are also very expandable. For several manufacturers, up to eight panels can be stacked on each side making a 16 panel sliding glass door solution if the project requires it!

    Pocket Sliding Door – Aluminum

    For some properties, the homeowner wants to hide the door in an internal or external pocket in order to make the opening bigger. Retro fitting a pocket sliding glass door with the impact sliding glass door version is often very difficult and expensive.

    Typically, the existing pocket is not wide enough which means it has to be reconstructed to fit the new patio door.

    An external pocket sliding glass door often requires a modification of the exterior to ensure it is installed correctly and will pass codes.

    Bifold Alternative to Sliding Glass Doors – Aluminum

    Bifold doors are the most pricey but best solution for opening up the home to uninterrupted views. Learn more about bifold doors.

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    Customer Reviews

    Vanessa MejiaVanessa Mejia

    Our experience with ASP was amazing from start to finish. Daniel our sales rep was very knowledgeable and patient with us in our search for the right impact windows and doors. He answered all our messages and questions even while he was on it of town. Although we waited a few months for our products it was worth it! We were also so happy withOur installation team Danny and father. They were polite, fast working and their attention to detail is unmatched. They made sure we were happy with everything and they were so clean throughout the entire install. The supervisor Armando was also great, very friendly and came to check and do quality control a couple of times. Overall, ASP exceeded our expectations and we are thrilled with our new windows and doors. I have already recommended them to 3 friends.

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    Thìnhđy NgoThìnhđy Ngo

    Great service and best teamwork from ASP windows and doors. Everyone in their team is amazing and attentive.I got to work with Ivan to coordinate the estimate and signing the contract and Nati is the one explaining every work done for me.They did install it quick and clean it very clean after they done which is I really like about. After all, Armando is the supervisor come by and help me with the way to use and warranty for all of my windows and doors. If you guy need to protect your little home , just give ASP windows and doors a call. Best team in town!! Recommended

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    Julie RuzyckiJulie Ruzycki

    You Get What You Pay For!

    First let me start out by saying that we did not get a discount for this review. I’m in sales and deal with multiple construction trades. My wife and I have heard war stories about contractors so we interviewed/priced multiple window companies. When it came time to decide which company to use, we based our decision from 3 categories in no order. Knowledge of product and industry reviews, price, company research from reviews, word of mouth, and how we felt about our interaction with the salesperson and staff. When the salesperson from ASP came to the house, we started talking about what product would best suite our needs. This is the point where you can tell if someone is just trying to sell you something or if they care about the customer. The salesperson from ASP was very knowledgeable and took the time to go through the pros and cons for each product that we were considering. After we made our choice and decided on the product, he measured everything and said he would get back to us shortly with his proposal (we have some irregular windows). True to his word he gave us the proposal when he said he would (this is big in my world). We received the other quotes from the other interviews and sat down and put or pros and cons list together for each company. On price ASP was not the lowest (they were not the highest either, more in middle), on product they were at the top in longevity, reliability, construction, and industry product reviews. On feel ASP seem to be the most knowledgeable, the staff were very pleasant, knowledgeable, and eager to help and answer any of our questions. There was no high-pressure sales game or used car sales tactics at play. They know that their product is very good, so they don’t need to do that. They educate you tell you to do your homework and let you draw your own conclusions. We placed our order, and the materials came in when they said it would and they were all over the permit and building dept paperwork. The installation was scheduled, they arrived, and started. The product fit as it was supposed to, looked great, and the install was very professional. We gave the final payment and shortly after we realized that there was an issue with one piece of glass (a faint spot in it). ASP scheduled a day to look at the issue, went back to the glass manufacture and took care of it (I was really impressed with them now). Not only was the job done, they were paid in full and still handled the issue professionally, timely, and to our satisfaction. This is a company that stands behind their product, installation, and their warranty. Would highly recommend this company and will use them again if I ever move into another home that needs windows and doors. Now that the project is completed, I feel very happy with the price we paid vs the quality of the product and installation (we won). They’re a great company, check them out and you’ll see!

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    Marlene NietoMarlene Nieto

    If you are looking to install impact windows and doors don’t look any further than ASP Superhome! From the first phone call with Tammy to coordinate the estimate to Sergio explaining everything in detail during the contract signing, everyone was very attentive and amazing to work with. Team Danny installed my impact windows and doors quickly and with minimal disruption and I’m extremely happy with the job. Lastly, Armando the supervisor passed by after the job was done to make sure we were happy with the job and to further explain the details such as warranty and how to fully secure the doors and windows in case of a hurricane. I will definitely contact ASP SuperHome in the future for my impact needs. Great team!!!

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