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  • Protective Screens to prevent debris and dust from travelling into your home
  • Plastic Tarps to keep your furniture looking like the day we arrived
  • Vacuums to help powder and dust remain out of the air when screws are being removed AND to keep area clean
  • Trailers with locks and boots so your materials can remain in your possession without being damaged or stolen

How do we do that?

And this is not all.

The fact is we do…

…what most window companies won’t.

RESIZING openings is NOT a
handyman, do-it-yourself job…

Creating an new opening or changing the size of a current window or door opening is not always straightforward process.

Not only are you dealing with potential structural issues which can cause serious dmage to the integrity of the property, but there are strict codes that must be adhered to or you risk fines and potential future lawsuits if you resell the house.

Do the job correctly with ASP. We know the codes. We have the engineering, and we have the skilled workers to complete the work from start to finish including highly skilled plaster/stucco artists to leave you with a final product that is paint ready.

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Impact Glass Installation

Impact Glass Installation

Your home is more than just another building. It’s a safe refuge for your family. It’s a place where friends gather together to celebrate the important things in life. Of course, living in Florida means your home can be exposed to wide range of elements, including hurricane force winds. Rather than trust the security of your home to chance, why not take proactive steps with impact glass installation?

What is Impact Glass?

Crafted to be more durable and resilient than your standard glass, impact glass is the most durable option available for your home windows and doors. Not only has this glass been proven to stand up against harsh conditions, but impact glass comes with guarantees that it can hold its own against the elements.

Completely eliminating the need for storm shutters, your Miami impact glass not only provides a more aesthetically pleasing option, but it ensures the same level of protection without extra additions. Whether it’s ensuring you’re safe from the next big storm or protecting your home from those with malicious intent, these windows are designed to stand up to whatever they might encounter.

Energy Efficiency of Impact Glass

While the durability of impact glass is the number one reason people make the switch, it’s important to understand that this is just one benefit. Another reason many choose to switch to impact glass is the inherent energy advantages over your old glass.

One common misconception about glass is that the darker the tint the less light that passes through. In reality, the right impact glass can often keep out heat-causing sunlight without the dark tint. In fact, thanks to advancements in LoE technology, you can have clear glass with less heat transfer than the darkest of tints.

More than just the heat transfer of these windows, having impact glass installation in Miami better insulates your home. This means less of that cool air slipping out through your windows during the summer months and allows you to cut back on the energy bill. Considering the long life of these windows and the energy saving advantage, many homeowners view this as an investment in their home.

Other Advantages of Impact Glass Installation

Beyond the energy factor, another great advantage of impact glass is the amount of sound reduction. Perhaps you live near a busy road, or maybe your neighbors enjoy listening to music a bit too loud. Whatever the case, these windows offer more noise reduction than your standard glass, which makes a large difference.

Of course, money is always a factor in updating your home, which is why another benefit to consider is your insurance costs. Living in South Florida means insurance rates tend to be higher than much of the country. Depending on your insurance policy, impact glass installation may even lower the insurance rate on your home.

Hurricane Proof Windows

Living in South Florida, one of the primary concerns for homeowners is being able to stand up to hurricane force winds. While traditional windows might crack or break due to excessive wind, hurricane windows provide exceptional protection from this harsh weather.

More important than resilience to wind, it’s essential to remember that significant storms also bring along their fair share of debris. Our Miami hurricane proof windows are designed to stand up to flying debris that might be hurled your way by these winds. In other words, it gives you the peace of mind knowing your home won’t be breached by the storm.

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Impact Glass Doors

In addition to impact glass installation for your windows, many Miami homeowners look for impact doors to further protect their home. If it’s your front door you’re looking to secure, you’ll find there are a wide range of weatherproof options to choose from. Of course, when a glass door is what you’re shopping for, it’s essential you consider the quality and actual durability of the door in question.

Whether you have a brand-new French door, a sliding glass door, or more ornate balcony doors, impact glass is a must have if you live in South Florida. These doors are created with the same durable glass as our windows and provide further peace of mind on key entry points to your home.

Make sure to check out our full selection of impact doors.

Miami Impact Glass Installation

Whether for your home or business, remember that safety and security within these buildings is not something to take lightly. If you want to ensure these structures can weather the next major storm or you’re just looking for the energy-saving benefits, impact glass installation is a step in the right direction.

Call today for a free home estimate and ask about our 100% financing options. Your safety is important and with the right impact glass installed, you can rest easier knowing you’re secure.

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