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Modern Designs

  • Hurricane Impact Resistant
  • Temperature Resistent
  • Custom Designs
  • Applications
    • Front Entryway Doors
    • Double French Doors for Patios

What Are French Doors?

exterior French doors

There is a no more elegant way to upgrade the elegance and security of your home than installing impact French doors. French doors with impact laminated glass are otherwise known as swing doors because they open and close on hinges rather than sliding on a track. For coastal areas like Miami, weather can rotate between periods of extreme heat followed by hurricanes with fierce winds and rain.

  • Impact resistant French doors are the perfect solution because they have been specifically engineered for the South Florida climate.
  • Impact French doors not only provide improved protection and security but they allow for a larger opening to the exterior, allowing the homeowner to bring natural light and cool air into the home during winter months. Because every impact-resistant product has to be specially designed and tested under hurricane-like conditions, the homeowner gets the piece of mind that they will be protected during the worst storms.

Protect Your Home With Impact Exterior Doors

Impact Patio Double Doors

Impact French Patio Doors

  • Elegant Aesthetics: In the back of the house, double French doors are the best way to give a more elegant look to patios while allowing a seamless flow from the inside of the home to the exterior patio area backyard or pool.
  • Improved Security: Impact-rated patio doors can often be secured with an additional three-point lock option that can be engaged once the French doors are shut to further protect the home against intruders.
  • Improved Outside Views: A single solid patio door can be replaced with a full lite option for added light and visibility.

Upscale Your Home

Hurricane Impact French Doors

Impact French Door Quality

Manufacturers: There are many manufacturers of impact French doors and the quality differences come down to a few key factors. High-quality French doors will be made from a thicker gauge metal which means they are sturdier and heavier so they are often used in commercial applications.

Hardware: Hardware quality is also an important issue. The hardware should be made from stainless steel to prevent corrosion. One of the best indicators of hardware quality is the manufacturer’s warranty. This is crucial for those French door options which include 3-point built-in hardware which can be expensive to service and repair.

Alternative French Door Combinations For Patios

For openings smaller than 60″ in width, sliding door options are not ideal or even possible. Currently, there are impact french door manufacturers that can do impact rated panels up to 52″ in width making them a much more attractive solution for undersized openings.

In addition, a patio door can be paired with a sidelite or converted to an impact pivot door to achieve an original and beautiful solution for openings up to 72″ in width where the homeowner might prefer a single panel door option.

Custom French Doors

Custom Patio French Door

Custom French double doors with high-impact glass designed for this unique entryway opening.

One of the great things about any impact french door is that it can be made with a custom size and design for added aesthetic value. While there are standard size openings like 37″ width x 80″ height or 37″x96″ for single doors and 72″x80″ or 72″x96″ for double doors, new impact products can be produced with thicker, stronger glass options with panels sizes 52″ in width or up to 144″ in height. This not only allows for a new door to perfectly fit in an old house but also allows new construction homes to have oversized openings typically seen in high-end homes.

Why Install Impact Double Doors In Miami

  • Increase Aesthetic Appeal & Property Value

  • Reduce Noise

  • Lower Your Energy Bills

  • Storm Protection

  • Protection from Home Intruders

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Entryway Impact French Doors For Your Home

Modern French Double Doors – Beautiful Inside and Out

Design Options

  • The custom design possibilities have expanded dramatically for a French door used in the entryway of a home in Miami. Patio doors are typically simple in design with a full lite look or grids allowing maximum visibility.
  • A front French door will typically have more extensive or elaborate designs in order to create a dramatic look to the facade of the home and increase curb appeal. Enhancing the beauty of your home improves its resale value along with added security and protection.

Cladding Your French Doors

When exploring potential design possibilities of impact French doors, it is important to know that a specific look can be accomplished in several ways.

For example, solid aluminum pieces known as cladding can be attached to the interior and exterior of the laminated glass to make different patterns of design. For a less expensive option, a homeowner can use acrylic design panels attached to the glass to achieve a similar look.

100% Financing Available

Looking for a more Economical Option?

Custom French Doors with Sidelites

Custom Paint Finishes For French Doors

In addition, impact French doors in Miami are typically made from aluminum due to the metal’s anticorrosive properties and durability. High-quality aluminum impact french door manufacturers offer a faux wood textured paint finish option to the metal which can make the impact french door look like it is made of wood without the rotting and fading that typically occurs with wood doors in Miami.

Other Unique French Door Designs and Materials

An impact French door frame can be made from a variety of other materials as well. The ones best suited for the hot and stormy Miami climate is vinyl reinforced with steel or aluminum because it resists mold and scratching. Vinyl impact products are great at resisting corrosion and are, therefore, designed to last longer than any other material.

Vinyl is also an energy-efficient option as it is a poor conductor of heat. Fiberglass is also another option to consider. While fiberglass doors lack the durability of metal, they are a less expensive product that can be custom painted easily to the homeowner’s specifications.

There are hundreds of combinations.

Modern French Double Doors – Beautiful Inside and Out

Impact Iron French Doors

Iron doors are also fairly common for a front door. Although these french doors are very durable and strong, they are expensive and can rust easily especially when paint scratches.

The look of an iron impact for french doors can be achieved by building an aluminum impact door and attaching external wrought iron grills, improving the ability of the door to withstand the elements.

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