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We specialize in impact rated glass, but we don’t stop there. We offer the most energy efficient products on the market. When it comes to glass, we are the pros that know. The only thing better than protecting your home from hurricanes and would be intruders, is protecting your home and saving money in the process. Ask us for a full demonstration on our impact rated / energy efficient glass options.

Energy Efficient Impact Glass

Choosing the right glass can make a significant impact in your energy savings. Many window companies will tell you that the darker the tint the less heat transfer. This is not entirely true. Thanks to advancements in LoE technology, you can have a very clear glass and have less heat transfer than the darkest of tints.

Standard Impact Glass Tints

Whether you go with Energy Efficient Impact Glass or Standard Impact Glass, you should feel secure about the safety of your home. Our impact glass products have been tested for the harshest of weathers and wind pressures. All our products meet Miami-Dade’s HVHZ (High Velocity Hurricane Zone) requirements.

How Laminated Glass Protects the Building

Broken Window (Breached Envelope)
If the building envelope is breached through a broken window, wind may enter the building causing an increase in pressure that could lift the roof and push the walls outward.

Laminated Glass (Preserved Envelope)
Laminated glass helps to preserve the building envelope, keeping wind and other elements outside.

Safety and Security
Hurricanes aren’t the only threat your home may have. Impact Windows and Doors also protect your home from burglars and would be intruders.

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