A hurricane impact window is a complete unit with glass and frame designed to:

  1. Withstand the internal and external wind pressures during hurricane and tropical storms.
  2. Withstand flying projectiles launched at a certain speed. Hurricane impact windows and doors are tested by a third party to verify their performance under specific conditions outlined by local building codes.

Florida’s weather can be very challenging. Depending on the quality, while some impact windows can last a lifetime, others don’t last for that long. Although many manufacturers will only warranty on hurricane windows and doors, and other parts, for as little as one year. Our top manufacturers offer their range of products with extended lifetime warranties.

In many cases, impact window replacement in Fort Lauderdale or Broward will lower insurance costs, especially if the property has no wind mitigation credit. Impact windows are difficult to crack. You can contact your insurance provider for obtaining the most accurate information on this.

Yes! Hurricane impact windows in Broward are tested under carefully controlled conditions simulated by reputed third-party companies to make sure they pass the required codes. However, different products have different levels of protection. You can get in touch with us for further details about it.

Not exactly. Tempered glass is formed through a heating process which makes it 5 to 10 times stronger than regular glass. Cheaper impact glass can be made without heating, but high-quality impact glass is heat strengthened. It is important to know the kind of glass you are buying before closing the deal. We can help you select the right impact windows and doors for your home.

Yes. All of our windows come with HVHZ approval for extensive use in Zone 5 regions of Miami and Broward.

Quite a few, such as reduced insurance premiums, reduced energy costs, improved home security, hurricane protection, increased property value, and improved aesthetics. We even offer the convenience of checking it all in one place with our large assortment of hurricane impact windows and doors in Fort Lauderdale, Broward, and other areas based close-by.

Yes, they do. Impact glass is very difficult to break, deterring criminals. Impact windows usually have two layers of tempered glass, with another layer of thick film or vinyl in between them. Even pointed projectiles hurled by hurricanes and strong winds cannot shatter these impact windows, so burglars definitely can’t go through them.

Yes; impact windows in South Florida can lower cooling costs and heat transfer from the sun’s rays. These windows are made to resist the UV rays coming from the sun that can harm not only you but also the furniture inside your house. Moreover, since these have high insulation properties, they help in sustaining the temperature inside the house for long. So, if it’s cool inside, you will not need to keep AC switched on all the time. Similarly, if you want it warm inside, you won’t need to keep the heater on at all times.

There can be substantial discounts depending on the size of the property and location. Impact windows and doors are sturdier than the regular doors and windows. South Florida region is known for hurricanes and strong winds. While regular windows shatter when they come in contact with flying projectiles hurled by hurricanes, impact windows do not break, keeping your home secured. Such sturdy designs also make impact windows and doors burglar-deterrent, which increases the security of your house. This reduces the risk factor of your property, thereby earning you insurance premium discounts now and then.

Contact your insurance agent for more information.

They can although this benefit is often overstated by sales people. Impact windows and doors have high insulation property which can reduce sound. However, this does not make your house soundproof.

This would depend on the type of glass you choose and what type of coating or tint you add to the glass. An impact window can filter out up to 99% of all ultraviolet rays, keeping your indoors secure.

You should choose a hurricane windows and doors contractor who has a great reputation and substantial experience in the domain. You can figure this out by looking for a company with high reviews. Such a company will also have packages for workers’ comp/insurance coverage.

Impact glass can and does break. However, it will not shatter and fall on your floor like a regular windowpane. Instead, it will form a spiderweb type pattern and will still protect your home. This flexibility will further relieve internal and external pressure from your house.

There are many styles available for impact windows and doors in the South Florida region. These include single-hung, double-hung, casement, horizontal rolling, fixed, French doors, sliding doors, bifold doors, architectural and project-out windows.

We offer up to 6 different manufacturers of impact windows and doors in Miami and other nearby regions. Our consultants design the best solution for our clients based on a process designed to learn as much as possible about each family we protect through our innovative solutions.

Besides improving the condo’s value, impact windows can protect your home from the higher wind pressures and speeds that are found at higher altitudes during a storm. This saves your home interiors from the problem of shattered glass and damaged furniture once the storm has passed. Impact doors and windows are also known to be burglar-deterrent by many.

If you live in South Florida, you need solutions that can withstand hurricanes and storms, which regular windows cannot. So, if you still want to install non-impact windows you have to add shutters which makes the renovation only slightly less expensive. At the same time, installing shutters doesn’t bring the added benefits of convenience and aesthetic value that new impact windows provide. The insurance reduction may also be less with regular windows and shutters.

You should select ASP Windows and Doors because we take on great responsibility in making sure that your home is properly protected. Our range of products is of the highest quality and the installation work is of the highest caliber. Also, our reputation is second to none, which is evident from over 2,000 posted reviews and 4.8/5 stars we have received for our 15 years of extensive experience in the business.

Our consultants will guide you in selecting the right type of impact windows and doors for your home. We do not have premade solutions. Instead, we custom design a unique solution for every home because every situation is unique, and we want to handle it just like that.

All you have to do is give us access to your home and ensure that you have removed fragile objects away from the window openings where you want us to install impact windows. We will take care of the rest.

You may need to touch up the paint, take pictures and brag, feel relaxed and secure. You can also write a review of your experience working with us and how we fared, which will help us serve you better in the future.

Typically, impact windows and doors installation projects take around 3 to 4 months from contract signing to completion. However, the time can vary for every house. You can contact our team and let them run a check to give an estimation for your house.

Most impact windows and sliding doors come with screens included in the price; however, this is not always the case. Definitely ask us about this if it is important to you.

While anything is possible, impact windows will dramatically reduce the odds of this happening so much so that many manufactures even offer a theft warranty covering anything stolen during a break-in. So, you can call impact windows and doors as burglary-deterrent but calling them burglar-proof will not be right.

In addition to impact windows and doors in Miami and other parts of South Florida, we offer installation of high-quality metal roofs and solar panels. You can get in touch with our support team to know more.

You will have thinner glass, cheaper paint and hardware that can break easily. However, because we value quality and our reputation, we do not sell these types of impact windows and doors. We do have a basic solution, however, for our customers who prefer such solutions for their homes. But we will certainly recommend against doing that.

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