can hurricane impact windows break

Can Hurricane Windows Break?

Hurricane windows are a popular choice in Florida. They are made to withstand the strong winds of hurricanes, as well as direct blows from wind-strewn debris, like tree branches. But just how strong are impact windows? Many believe that impact glass cannot be broken and provides an impenetrable barrier. But is impact glass strong enough…

impact window repair

Can Impact Windows Be Repaired?

Hurricane windows are something we know an awful lot about at ASP Windows. After all, we are your South Florida impact door and windows experts. It’s all we do. One of the most commonly asked questions we receive is can impact windows be repaired? Here’s what you need to know. Can Impact Windows Break? Impact…

are impact windows tax deductible

Are Impact Windows Tax Deductible?

Having impact windows in Florida is a great idea. This is especially true in South Florida, where we are constantly bombarded by intense heat and sun. And of course, we can’t forget to mention the risk posed by hurricanes every fall. For many, however, impact windows might seem like an expense they can’t afford. This…