Marsica Massarelli

Today on the blog we’re excited to feature the home of our client, Marsica Massarelli. Located in Biscayne Park, Marsica’s house – which she shares with her father, who has been in the construction industry for over 40 years – serves as a home for birds as well. They have built a magnificent backyard to…


Impact Doors

Living in Miami would make the resident the perfect candidate to have Impact Doors installed in their home. Many people don’t really know how to select the Best Impact Doors for their home and this is where you need a professional to assist. The level of safety that your home has does depend on the…


Benefits Of Impact Glass

Impact glass comes with many different benefits. Among the list of benefits is lowering your power bill, reducing noise, deterring intruders and reducing any damage received from hurricane weather. Impact glass is best known for its use on windows and doors and can replace the need for hurricane shutters as long as they are installed…


Impact Glass Doors Miami

Impact doors Miami is the best possible option for homeowners to protect their family and their investment. Hurricane winds and weather can be very destructive and cause much greater damage than most people can ever honestly predict. Many lives are lost and the amount of property damage is very elevated. After several years of seeing…