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Resistant low-E Windows, Impact Window Vinyl vs Aluminum, Security Windows vs Hurricane Shutters

Impact windows are simply the best option to protect your home in comparison to a standard window, no matter the material. Impact window can withstand heavy wind damage that typically can just break an ordinary window. Some cases the wind itself is not the only danger that will have to face. Water corrosion and general weather conditions over the years, continuous use, energy efficiency of glass and frame, poor maintenance, external noise, limit of warranty, durability and safety of Components, diversity of styles and materials and many factors are some of the many requirements that a window should face when it is chosen by its buyer. Choosing the right product can become a real dilemma if we take into account the number of styles, brands, manufacturers and window distributors that exist in Miami. Many questions arise when we decide to replace our windows:

  • Who makes the best impact windows
  • Who sells impact windows
  • What does impact resistant windows mean
  • What to know about impact windows
  • What are the best impact windows
  • What are impact resistant windows
  • What is impact glass windows
  • What are high impact windows
  • What are hurricane impact windows
  • What do impact windows cost
  • How much are high impact windows
  • How to measure for impact windows
  • How much are hurricane impact windows
  • How to replace impact windows
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  • How to compare impact windows
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  • Are impact resistant windows worth the cost

We will begin to unravel the most important characteristics when choosing the right window for our house:

1- How much sun enters the windows?
2- Are there external noises?
3- What interests me more, security against thieves vs. hurricane safety?
4- I want to improve the privacy of my home?

Once these points are defined, we can begin to select the type of glass we need, the color and the caliber of the crystals.- Much external noise, a lot of sunlight coming in through the windows and good cyclone protection is equivalent to an insulated impact glass with Low E filter.
– Little external noise, a lot of light and heat, and good protection against hurricane winds is equivalent to double-pane glass like the previous case with UV blocker.
– Little external noise, shade on the outside that pours the rays of the sun and high level of concern for safety is equivalent to a superior gauge of laminated glass impact not clear color insulation to not obscure the interior of the house.
To be continued…

Impact Window Customization Options:

Aluminum Impact Windows

Our Aluminum Impact Windows are the most affordable impact windows on the market. We offer different options to meet your specific needs. We have inspected and tested many products in order to offer only the best options the industry has to offer. Not all windows are created equal.

Vinyl Impact Windows

Our Vinyl Impact Windows offer significant advantages in energy efficiency. They are 40% more energy efficient than Aluminum Frame Impact Windows. All our products meet Miami-Dade HVHZ (High Velocity Hurricane Zone) coastal Hurricane-Impact requirements and codes. Vinyl is also superior in corrosive coastal environments. By investing in Vinyl Frame Impact Windows, you are choosing to not only protect your home from hurricanes and would be intruders but you are also choosing to save thousands of dollars on your energy bill. These Impact Windows and Doors also qualify for the $1500 Energy Tax Credit.

Our Vinyl compound is made using state of the art computerized blending and compounding equipment. The resulting Vinyl extrusions perform equally well in hot, humid, tropical, and severe weather.

PVC Single Hung Option

View Full Energy Report:

Aluminum Clad / WoodWindows

Our Wood windows have never been a feasible option for tropical climates and harsh weather. Although they are the “greenest” option for windows and doors, they have always required too much maintenance. That was before advances in industry technology allowed us to offer Aluminum Clad / Wood Impact Windows and Doors. Now you can have a beautiful wood interior while sustaining a strong aluminum exterior for the protection of your home. These windows meet Miami-Dade’s Impact Ratings so they are strong enough for any Hurricane Impact Zone. These Windows and Doors also qualify for the $1500 Energy Tax Credit. If you are looking for luxury, beauty, and performance. This may be what you are looking for. Ask us about our Aluminum Clad Wood Windows Today! We Have six interior enlegant or hardwood species to choose from, each one has its own distinct charm. Also available, Interior primed or prefinished white.

Don’t go for the imitation. Get the real thing and keep the peace of mind that you are protected from hurricanes and would be burglars. American Storm Protection has you covered.

Custom COlors

Our extruded aluminum-clad exteriors are virtually maintenance-free and available in eight standard colors, 47 designer colors, and unlimited custom-matched colors.

From the array of options ASP Windows and Doors has available to you. You are sure to find the strength to protect and beauty to compliment your home.

Our Impact Windows Also Include Warranties Which Further Guarantee Our Work

  • Three-year warranty on labor
  • Aluminum products: 5 to 10 years
  • Vinyl products: 30 years